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Area Code (715) in Wisconsin.


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With we offer a subscription

to a web address for any phone number

in area code



By adding your phone number,

we generate a website address as _ _ - _ _ _ _


Your Unique


Phone Number AND Website Address

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When you publish, promote, or advertise in place

of your existing plain phone number wherever now in print,

it will magnify your phone number's potential because it is

a website address going to any web page of your choice.


(Auto-Redirect) or (Can be your own main website)


Wherever Seen in Print

The Reader's Option Is


( To Call ) Day Time Only


( Surf To ) Any Time 24/7


Seeing that .com,

they will just have to surf and see ...



Example ... imagine ...

In a classified ad, selling puppies, a horse, a car, home, land, furniture, whatever,


The phone number in the ad, is NOT a plain jane number,

as in the last hundred years,


it is a web address such as _ _ - _ _ _ _


Ad Reader's Have The Option

( To Call ) or ( Surf To )



Phone Number and Web Address


 Unlimited potential with a webpage with sound, video and much more informative content.


Would that help you sell your item(s) and at

top price because all ad readers know

others can see your website also ??


This means, everyone can have a website / page featuring or linking to websites, pictures, videos, audio recordings, etc., to make sales, of just about anything you have for sale or rent.


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Your Unique Phone Number AND Website Address